ZF2 just recently released, and while quite a few are presently drinking the Kool-aid, I wanted to document some of the headaches I've gone through while learning its new ropes.  A preface, I've been programming in PHP for at least 8 hours a day since '99 - have thoroughly used ZF1, have all of the Zend Certifications (bit of a Kool-aid drinker myself), and I want to like ZF2.  

It ain't easy though, quite the learning curve in fact.  Seems you won't get away from this trend of massive DI configs, modularization, and IoC-geared code.  I'd contend your code is forced into the world of domains with ZF2 - their way (just look at the folder structure you end up creating!).

I'll here try to document my foray into solving common problems, hopefully inviting the comments of those better skilled at ZF2 than I who are willing to spend a few seconds to shed light, hopeful others see this beacon in the dark.  ZF2 does seem pretty cool after all, there's just too much undocumented.